Monday, 20 April 2009

Bat For Lashes

Natasha Khan AKA Bat For Lashes is a female singer. I first heard of her when I found out she was supporting Radiohead in Manchester, at the time I just had her first album and only listened to it a few times, but just recently since her new album has been released I've been listening to them both a lot. Her voice is most compelling, having a sweet,soft voice accompanied by tribal drums,Medieval instruments ,drum machines and synthesizers, great combination with help from her great band!

Below is a great quality live recording someone from Youtube sent me . It was a live performance from April 2009 in Birmingham. Although I'm not fond of encores especially 3! If she needed a break she didn't need to say goodnight!

Me being borderline OCD ,I have tagged and renamed all the files before compressing it. So it should be ready to go straight on your MP3 player.

P.S Thanks to Chaotikmind for the songs and setlist!

Bat For Lashes - Live at Town Hall, Birmingham (123mb)


Password: welcometothequietpage


  1. Thanks for this, going to look forward to having a listen later on! It will be nice to hear some of her live stuff.

  2. "Natasha Khan AKA Bat For Lashes is a female singerCool, but why do we need to specifically know she's a female singer? It's nothing new, you know: girls have been singing for ages. You don't really write about someone else as a male singer, either, do you?

    Sorry to be a nitpicker like this. I don't usually do this, but it just somehow caught my attention.

    Otherwise your blog's top notch! I found the link on the Talk Talk page on Glad to read the blog of a TT fan! :-)

  3. The beginning of all my posts begin with "*someone* is a *something*. I thought this was an easy way to start the post,giving a short and informal way of introducing an artists/band. for example if someone asked me who was bat for lashes I would probably start with " oh, she's a female singer....etc"

    and Thanks :)