Friday, 17 April 2009


Yup, more Japanese music.This one is a good'un

sgt. are a 4 piece band from Tokyo that formed in 1999. You could call them post-rock but I think their sound is much more different than the usual "quiet to loud" bands out there. They mix different styles including, Jazz,Ambient,Folk, Classical.More often that not people who knows this band knows that these guys can improvise. They often go into lengthy (10-30min) improvisational spaces where the band and crowd can feed off each other and slowly travel through different moods/tempo/loudness.They're so good that they also released a live album with singer Damo Suzuki which I bought off the man himself (he's a good salesman - how could barter with a guy you've just seen and heard sing/wail/scream over a mic?!)

If this album was better produced this would probably be in my top 15 (maybe 10) favourite albums. Track 2 is my favourite song off this album listen to it full blast and I guarantee goosebumps at 10:20.

sgt. - Perception of Casualty (54mb)


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  1. Many thanks for this one. Great blog, keep it going.

  2. listening now. can't wait for 10:02 :)

  3. I thought some nissenanmondai came on the PA at a gig at islington mill the other night and went crazy but it was just some shit indie song.

  4. Aww, excellent. I've been looking for this.