Friday, 17 April 2009

American Football

American Football are surprisingly from America, specifically from Illinois. If you've heard of any of these bands/artists I'm sure you'll like this band:
Cap'n Jazz
Joan of Arc
The Geese
Make Believe

All of the bands above included one or two specific people of the Chicago Indie rock scene. Brothers, Tim and Mike Kinsella.
American Football only has Mike Kinsella on vocals and two other members of The Geese. This band split up in 2000 and Mike went his own way under the name of Owen and is still going strong.I may upload one of his albums soon.

Anyway the band...For a 3 man band their music is incredibly complex. Incorporating odd time signatures and tempos with a new (at that time) style of playing guitar that was never seen or heard in the indie rock scene.With a drummer who manages to keep all the instruments intact ,complimenting and giving enough space while the bassist add his sparse melodic bass lines.Both Tim and Mike Kinsella have been playing in bands since the late 80's/early 90's with Cap'n jazz and in that time they have learnt a lot which you can really hear as you go through their albums.

American Football - American Football (38mb)


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  1. dude, thanks alot for this one... I've been searching everywhere for it and couldn't find it anywhere! AF is the shit!

  2. you're welcome.

    you could try their site, they still sell their albums through their record label plus all the others!

  3. Hi I also played in the Geese with Steve Holmes and Steve Lamos from AF. The Geese was a dueo solo band in retrospect. I was also from The Firebird band (the setting sun and it's sattelites) and the (the drive) ep. please if all possible spread the word around.. Turning my solo works into a band as The Andrew Hawthorne Band