Monday, 15 June 2009


Keith Kennif AKA Helios is an musician from Pennsylvania.From a young age he stared the play the drums,guitar and bass. throughout his musical career he played in a variety of bands,from rock to classical and jazz.Years later he studied Percussion at Boston's Berklee College of music

Soon after, all this molded into his moniker 'Helios'. His sound is a blend of soft,spacious guitar accompanied by slow pads and slow yet intricate percussion,along with his self taught electro-acoustic sytle of producing this really is the perfect blend of sounds.

This album "Eingya" tales influence from his interest in cinema and his extensive European travels.A blend of natural sounding instruments mixed with electro-acoustic sounds alongside some great field recording.I encourage you to get this album and to buy all his others, in my opinion they just get more and more fun to listen too.

Helios - Eingya (72mb)


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  1. Hey there.

    You have a really awesome page! Just letting you know :)

    The Eingya album download doesn't seem to be working. Mind reloading it please?

  2. Hi,

    Sorry about that,I've re-uploaded you just need to click on the LINK above or,

  3. This probably doesn't matter,
    but I forgot to say thank you

    So yeah, thank you very much! :)

    I love have none of the photos clash with the blog layout. . . all the colors are so

  4. ahhh you're welcome!

    It does matter, since I havent really updated this blog in a while...I probably will very soon.

    any requests?

  5. Would you happen to have Riceboy Sleeps at decent quality?
    (192kbps at the least)

    I came across it a few times, but never felt inclined to download for some odd reason. I am a huge fan of Sigur Ros, so I'm still not sure why I haven't yet haha
    But my friend got it the other day and won't shut up, so I have to see what that's all about now.

    I can't seem to find it anymore. . .

    I just noticed I had a typo on my last comment. I meant to say "I love how"
    Ugghhh, I can be anal at times lol

  6. there ya go

    hah, its fine =)

  7. muchos gracias amigo!