Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Damero is a female singer and Electronica musician from Berlin, Germany.

She's on the record label 'BPitch Control', if you haven't checked out who's on their label, I would recommend you do so, if you like this artist.

When she was young she had a classical music education in East Germany and later on in France, Italy and then U.S.A. She then took singing lessons and at the same time collaborated with different musicians in the German independent (at the time) electronic scene like Apparat and Modeselektor.

The music is generally a mix of slow synthy pads and glitchy crackle and pops blended with thin,crisp synths and simple beats which creates a smooth yet slightly hectic environment, but mixed with her voice she seems to calm everything down. This is a great album to relax too because of her voice and slow glitchy sounds (e.g. Track 4 + Track 6) but you also have tracks which you could put on where you need something a little more up-beat (e.g. Track 1,2 +10).

Damero - Happy In Grey - 60mb


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