Friday, 21 August 2009


It's my Birthday today, and I'm posting you an album. Yeah? What of it?

Albinobeach are a 3-piece instrumental rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa.They aren't that big, but they've released an EP and right now it's sold out...but they're working on a new album.

Their sound is usually quite heavy but often using hypnotising melodies (See Track 1 - Okavango Delta). The drums are quite simple yet powerful and sometimes have little surprises around the corner. The bass is usually very low to make space for the guitarist to do his thing. For one guitarist the sound is quite contrasting from smooth melodies with, what I have to guess is, layers of looped chords progressions to slow violin-esque background sounds to bursting, in your face, crank it up to 11, distortion.

It’s kinda hard to describe this band as you can tell they’ve taken a lot of influences from bands they’ve listened too, and they’ve applied them to all their songs, which is probably why every song sounds like its heading in a different direction. I could go through each song and have a go at what sound they were heading for, but that’s boring. Instead I’ll write a few names down what bands pops in my head while I’m listening to it, its probably not going to make sense but oh well…

Don Cabbalero
Russian Circles
Up-C Down-C….
Broken Social Scene
Red Sparows

They're on FORGOTTEN EMPIRE RECORDS and if you click on the Title above, it will re-direct you to their site and I'd click on it if I were you! They've got a deal on "10 CD's for $50" which is like £30! sooo £3 a CD!!

I'm off to blow my imaginary candles!

Albinobeach - Albinobeach (EP) - (40mb)


password: welcometothequietpage

NOTE: I have moved to sendspace. so its quicker for everyone downloading. It is still password protected and still a zip file. (READ INFO TOP RIGHT)


  1. This is late . . . but

    Happy Birthday!


    I downloaded the album. I'm ganna check it out soon.

  2. They do sound similar to the ones you noted on your list, but my first impression was that they reminded me of Isis. Their more recent works though.

  3. whats with everybody going crazy for mac-style space graphics? chrissie abbotts work for little boots and a million imitators...

  4. I dig these guys, Ive been lucky enough to see them live, not like the album at all, theyre much heavier but more beautiful too, its wierd...

    Agreed about the artwork not my favorite.
    New album out soon, cant wait!

  5. Fuck Yeah Albinobeach! I dig the artwork, its decriptive of their sound.

  6. Fuck Yeah Albinobeach! I dig the artwork, its decriptive of their sound.