Sunday, 22 March 2009


Yesterday (21/03/09) I went to see Mono play at Hare and Hounds in Birmingham,UK.

After a wait in the pub,we got moved outside,after a wait outside we got moved up the stairs,after a wait on the stairs....yes we got moved in the actual venue. The long and cold wait felt like nothing when Mono appeared on stage...
I say this about pretty much every gig I go to,but it was brilliant! Although the drums and bass weren't as loud as they should be, together the whole sound coated your ears in swirling melodies. Great performance and quite a nice crowd,I don't know why but I had a MASSIVE urge to take as many pictures as possible. I'm as amateur as you can get when it comes to picture taking, I just use a normal digital camera,but some have turned out pretty well.

I recommend you turn off all your lights,close your curtains, press play and maybe play a slide show of the pictures I included.

Heres a GIF image I'm pretty proud of!

clicky click

Below is a link for their new album and some live pics taken by yours truly:

Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind (145mb)


password : welcometothequietpage


  1. thanks for the effort - interesting band

  2. I want to see the pics so~ badly. . .
    But I have the album already, and I'm too lazy to wait for it to finish downloading

    Rapidshare is too slow. . .
    with it's single downloads and whatnot lol


  3. haha sorry about that, yeah I don't know why I'm still using rapidshare.

    I'll probably move to sendspace or something...

    but for now, I guess you gotta wait a little longer ;).

    I guess I could email them you,if you want...they're not AMAZING though. You've been warned :)

  4. Haha I'm a man of simple tastes. I could find something artistic, exciting, or life changing even from the smallest of things. Even if the photos are blurred and stuff, I'm up for it haha.
    Life is too short, and no one gets out alive. Let's live without limitations, bro :)

    you can send them to

    A zipped/rar folder would be easiest

    That's my most frequently checked email.

    Send when you can. Muchos gracias.